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Imagine you could remove or push down bad publicity or unwanted content about you permanently in major search engines? 

When it comes to online reputation today, you cannot always control what is said about you, your product or service on the internet, but you can manage what comes up in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Businesses and professionals must be very active to deal with reputation management issues quickly giving the ability for images, articles, comments etc to spread like wildfire online. 

Bad publicity about you, your product or service if no action is taken can be seen and readily available online in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and social media for years by potential customers, competitors, friends etc. This can significantly affect your business sales, marketing and online brand if no action is taken by you. The great news is, businesses and professionals harmed by such negative online publicity and coverage are not without options for handling these matters.

We provide reputation management and marketing services to professionals and businesses in Canada. We can help to repair, manage, monitor and market your 5 stars online reputation to get more customers.  Don’t let your personal or business reputation online get tarnished by bad reviews, false accusations or bad publicity online.  

Take action today and start the process of managing your reputation in Google, Yahoo, Bing and social media networks so you can look great when friends, employers, employees, competitors and customers search for you, your product or service online. Contact our online reputation management team now for a full review and to get to get expert help.

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Meet Jack everyday he searches online for different local businesses today he's looking for the products or services offered by your business he comes across your website but since he's never done any business with you he goes ahead and searches for other people's reviews and he's not the only one because according to businessweek over seventy percent of people search online for reviews or ratings for ordering a product or service but let's go back to Jack who while doing his research on your business spotted a few negative reviews those reviews could come from a few unhappy clients or from your competition but he doesn't care about that and he just changed his mind in fact eighty percent of people said that they changed their buying decision they're reading a negative review the situation would have been different if you would have handled those negative reviews but how can you do that if you don't even know they exist now that you know why you need online reputation management why not let the experts handle this critical activity


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What Is Online Reputation Management And Marketing?

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Problem Today Is: maintaining a low profile in today’s internet driven environment is very difficult, if not impossible

What Is Online Reputation Management?

Is the process of ensuring that your company or professional brand is accurately reflected online by you and not the Internet.


What Does This Mean To Your Professional Brand Or Your Business?

  • Professionals: It means personal information you don’t want public can become publicly available online. This information can be incorrect or skewed. If you don’t have a well-established presence online, this information could dominate search engines results like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Social Media when customers, employers or business associates search for your name online. This information may not always be about you, sometimes, someone who shares your same name. Professional online reputation management ensures that your story is told by you not the internet.
  • Businesses And Corporations – Online Reputation Management is the process of controlling and removing unwanted media publications, malicious pranks, negative product or service publicity, Fake customers reviews, Hacking and internal leaks of private conversations, emails and documents don’t dominate search engine results for your company name, products or services online.


What Is Online Reputation Marketing?

Is the process of first building a 5 Stars online reputation using customers review, testimonials and business recommendation and then leveraging and marketing online reputation in Google +, Facebook, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Bing, Yahoo, local directories and social networks  to get more customers


Who Is Online Reputation Management For?

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  • Employees seeking promotion: bad reputation would pose a big risk If negative information about you online is discovered by manager, HR and company. 
  • Job Seekers looking for a job change: if a recruiting manager makes an online search and finds great information about you will boost  your chances of getting hired, and on the contrary if negative information is found instead would make you potential liability.
  • Executives: If you’re a key executive then you are always under surveillance of your customers, employees and employer who will constantly check your track record online to find out negative reviews or publicity about you to protect company’s reputation and customers.
  • All businesses looking to get new customers online and make more sales. Today, negative reviews, good publicity or bad comments serves as the most important reflection of your company’s customer service experience, product quality, reliability, and trust online. Over 80% of consumers read online reviews and publications before selecting a local business or a company to do business with.


reputation marketing reviews




our online reputation management and marketing process

  • Using our local search engine optimization services and online reputation marketing strategies, our expert reputation management team will move up positive content about your personal brand or business up Google’s search engine results and move negative information, false accusations, fake online reviews to the bottom page 8 ad 9 of Google where it hard to find.
  • Manage and monitor your online reputation in Google, Social Networks and over 80+ local business directories sites including Google+, Facebook, Yelp, Yellow Pages, 411 etc.
  • Use our press releases distribution channels to inject great content about your brand, business, product or service to over 300 and the most relevant websites to boost your reputation quickly.
  • Create a reputation monitoring process for your company that monitor, tracks, and reviews your business listings on a daily basis.  
  • Create a review posting strategy – our team will develop a proprietary strategy that motivates and inspires customers to leave online reviews on local directories after they give feedback about your products and services
  • Create a review and testimonial posting filtering system – No matter what strategy a company uses to collect reviews; your company does not have control over the fact that customers may post bad reviews.  our team will create a review posting strategy to filter bad reviews.
  • Market your online reputation to amplfiy your brand on social media sites using review Imagesour team will design professional “Review Images” that immortalize  your 5 star reviews in a graphics format for posting. 
  • Develop and maintain a reputation reporting process create a monthly reputation reporting system that tracks progress and improvements

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