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Google’s Matt Cutts | How To Get Better Visibility On Google

Google's Matt Cutts | How to Get Better Visibility on Google

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it's Jefferson grandma's USA today we're talking tech today with matt cutts have you ever wondered how do i get my website so people will find it now man is not going to reveal any state secrets here but he's got a lot of common sense things that you can do for your website and let's start with what's number one Matt the easiest thing is think about what people are going to type to want to find your site so we had somebody come to a conference and say I want to show up for San Diego chiropractic and we said well have you put the word san diego chiropractic on your page anywhere at all any hadn't and sometimes just very simple stuff like that really helps think about what users are going to type to find your page and then just make sure those keywords are on the page so how important are adding the tags to your website title tags matter because it's what the user whenever they searched on Google they see that title tag it's the very first impression they have of your website so it pays to make sure that it makes sense that didn't it says okay this is the information I'm going to get i'm going to like it whenever they click on a web result and and also there's a lot of other meta tags you can use we say don't worry that much about the keywords tag but there's one called the description tag and the description is just a very short you know summary of what your website is about and that is often also shown to web users whenever they searched on google so if you get the title and the meta description in pretty good shape often times people will see that in the search results and will say to themselves this is exactly what I'm looking for and then we'll click on that result it's a many people know that links is what it's all about with google the more people who linked to you the higher you will go and you can imagine a lot of people out there will say to you but Matt I don't know where I'm going to get any links but there are actually many places aren't there oh they're absolutely are one of the biggest things that I talked about is just starting a blog and a blog is very simple it's a weblog it's a way that you can put post up on the web and participate in the conversation that's happening on the web all the time and if you are one of these businesses that start a blog it doesn't have to be really complex or you know super fancy you can start a blog for free but you can talk about what were your weirdest customers or what made you decide to start a small business things that are really interesting to you are probably really interesting to your users as well and just by participating in that community and being part of that conversation people will find out more about you as an individual your business will have a more positive perception and so just by you know reading on digg taking part in these social media sites so stumbleupon google news all these different places you find out what are people interested in whenever they surf around on the web and you can start with a blog and then think about what are some really compelling ideas what are some you know if I'm a plumber in manhattan beach or something like that what are the sorts of strange things that people are running into or what are the five most common things that happen where you need to fix your toilet and that kind of content can be fantastic it can get really really popular and it's a great way to get links wonderful content no spamming or doing anything unsavory at all what do you think is the most common misconception about getting your website found in google one of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to pay Google somehow or that you have to pay someone else who will pay Google the fact is the Google crawls all these websites for free and we pick up sites quite quickly so you don't have to do anything special you don't have to pay Google of sent all you have to do is try to make sure the google can find out about your website and will call very quickly one other interesting misconception is that some people think that if you somehow by advertising on Google you automatically ranked higher or you'll do better in the search results and nothing could be further from the truth we call them our editorial search results because we don't want them to be affected by money and so we try very hard to make sure that you know it doesn't matter whether you buy advertising or not by advertising will try to rank you the same either way I've seen it written that it could take three to six months to have your your new website found in google is that truth or fiction normally that's not the case Google's very quick about crawling websites we typically refresh our entire index every month or so and we can find many websites within days so one of the secrets you can do is you can go to google.com / add URL that HTML and that's just a simple place where you can tell Google a single URL like the root page of your site we also have a neat feature it google.com / webmasters and that lets you submit what's called a site map so you can take a text list of all the URLs on your site and you can go to google and give them that list and that will help us if we want to find out new URLs on your site so there's some very simple things you can do and typically that means that we'll find your site in days and not in months [Music]

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